8 Tips to Choose the Right Domain Name

Use keywords.
Keywords are not only important to the content of your website, they are also important to your domain name. In order to incorporate a keyword within your domain name, you need to jot down a few of your favored keywords. For example, if you’re running a website on best places to retire, you might include keywords such as “retirement locations,” “retirement towns,” best retirement towns” and so forth. Incorporating these keyword strings within your domain name will improve your SEO performance quite a bit.

Don’t steal traffic with your domain name.
In other words, you need to keep your domain as unique as possible. You might often find yourself mistyping a URL, however, you end up on a valid website. Do not shorten, hyphenate or misspell your domain name on purpose. You might be getting accidental traffic but the amount of real traffic you could be missing outweighs the accidental substantially.

Use a dot-com.
Another business may have a business name very similar to yours and has already registered the domain name you wanted. domeinnaam kopen prijs Do not settle for a dot-net or any other form of URL for that matter. You must always use a dot-com. This is what most internet users are accustomed to typing in. Nine times out of ten, if they can’t type in your domain name the first time and find you, they won’t try another time. Therefore, try switching around words or using adjectives within the domain name to get what you want.

You can always pick up the domain you missed when they become available and forward them to your current dot-com location.

Make sure the domain name is easy to type.
This one is much more difficult to pay attention to as you cannot control the letters in your keywords. However, if at all possible try and use keywords that avoid uncommon letters. For instance, the letter ‘q’ is not typed often. This could lead to a misspell and lead the potential customer away.

Make it re-memberable.
I’m sure a friend of yours has recommended a website. But, when you get home you’ve suddenly forgot the domain name. The point is… don’t make the domain name overly difficult to remember. Word-of-mouth and referrals drive traffic to websites more than anything else. You don’t want a long, difficult-to-remember domain name getting in the way of your website performance.

Keep the domain name short.
You can have a very description domain name without using a handful of words. Keeping the domain name short will make the domain name easier to remember.

The domain must connect with your product.
Unless you have millions of dollars to create an abstract brand such as Amazon or Apple, you need to keep your domain name closely connected with the product or service you are offering. A great example is CareerBuilder.com. You can obviously tell by the domain name that the website has to do with careers and building careers in some manner. Using this type of planning will reduce the advertising cost necessary to increase awareness of your product.

Don’t use numbers or hyphens.
Users are not used to typing domain names with numbers or hyphens. Do not use them. If your business does have a number or use a hyphen, purchase several domain names, one using the actual number (2) and one using the number spelled out (two). Forward one domain name to the physical location of the website.

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